2 Years

Today, October 7, marks two years since I stepped off a plane in Lesotho. Last year, I wrote a post about the things I’d gained and lost in my first year here. This year, I don’t have quite the same kind of well-planned post, but I have some thoughts all the same.  Peace Corps is … More 2 Years

Funny Moments 8

As of today, I have less than 2 months remaining in my Peace Corps service. That sentence makes me feel… everything… so instead, here’s a list of things that have made me laugh recently!  My host family feeds my dog when I’m out of town. Recently I came home to see my 2 year old … More Funny Moments 8


Earlier this winter, I visited some of my friends at the National University of Lesotho (NUL). These dedicated ladies are doing “distance learning” to get their Bachelors in Education. This means that during the school year, they are full time teachers at our rural primary school. During school holidays (winter break, summer break, and even … More University

Funny Moments 7

I haven’t shared funny moments in quite a while, so I’ve got a long list for today! First up, this is my favorite graffiti in Thaba Tseka town, which sums up how I feel about this year: This winter, quite a few mice have moved into my house. For a while, every time I saw … More Funny Moments 7