I’m Moving to Lesotho!

Last week I visited the JFK Library in Boston. There, I saw the bill that established the Peace Corps in 1961 and watched video footage of President Kennedy speaking to one of the earliest volunteer groups.

Next Monday, I’ll be leaving Boston, taking a plane and a bus and another plane and another bus, and eventually arriving in Lesotho to begin 27 months as a Peace Corps volunteer. When I do that, I’ll be both starting a new part of my life and following in the footsteps of over 200,000 volunteers who went before me.

Recently, a friend asked me how I was feeling about my fast-approaching departure. I told her that I felt everything – every possible emotion – except for doubt. I still do.

I’m not sure how connected I’ll be once I arrive in Lesotho. I do know that I’ll likely have less internet access during my first 3 months than during the rest of my service. However, when I can, I’ll be posting photos, updates, and stories on this blog. Feel free to “follow via email” if you don’t want to miss posts (and so I don’t feel like I’m yelling into a void). Finally, if you want to stay friends while I’m gone (please!), check out the “contact me” page.

Posing with the Peace Corps bill like a nerd
Posing with the Peace Corps bill like a nerd

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