One of the most useful resume-builders I’m picking up in Lesotho is Sesotho. Just kidding… this language is spoken mostly only in Lesotho, and it will probably never come in handy once I leave. Here, though, it’s key to integration. The more Sesotho I can speak, the more I can communicate. Period. Over the last … More Sesotho


The night before the first day of the school year, I knew exactly one thing: assembly starts at 7:40 am. That’s it. I didn’t know what grades I would be teaching or how many students I would have. I didn’t know if I would be expected to teach on the first day. I didn’t know … More Sekolo


I don’t think I have ever seen my ‘M’e happier than when I asked her if we could go to church together. In fact, after I first breached the topic, she mentioned it every single morning: “Do you remember that we’re going to church this week? Do you still want to go? Are you going … More Kereke