I teach two subjects: English and Life Skills. More on English later – I want to talk about Life Skills. Life Skills Based Sexual Education, as the Ministry of Education officially calls it, is broad. I plan on teaching topics ranging from nutrition to gender to human rights to study skills. But as the long … More Lipotso

Funny Moments 1

I am constantly laughing here. I have opportunities every day to laugh at myself, at funny things my children do, and at language mishaps (in both English and Sesotho!). Once in a while, I want to share a quick list of things that have made me laugh recently. Here goes. I asked my Grade 7s … More Funny Moments 1


Learning my students’ names has been difficult. When you’re learning a new language that has no relation to English (or at least, when I am), every name seems like a collection of random syllables. Without connotations to the sounds or word parts, they can feel impossible to remember. Two characteristics of Sesotho names compound this problem: they are often … More Mabitso