Ho Bua

During my first few months in Lesotho, I heard something about myself that I never thought I would hear. Several times, I heard Basotho friends explain to others I’d just met, “she’s very quiet.” My family and friends are probably already snorting with laughter. They know me as loud (maybe even loudmouthed) and opinionated, even when it would … More Ho Bua


At the end of March, I took my first vacation in Lesotho! My friend Hanna and I took a tour of the south, hitting the districts of Mafeteng, Quthing, and Qacha’s Nek. As is to be expected when traveling in Lesotho, we encountered some fantastic luck, some terrible luck, some uncomfortable taxis, and some beautiful … More Sehlabathebe

Phase III

Some of my friends at home have joked that it seems like I’m constantly telling them that I’m “finally a real Peace Corps Volunteer!” They’re not wrong – in the last 6 months, I’ve made it to quite a few milestones. In October, I arrived in-country. In December, I swore in, transitioned from trainee to … More Phase III

Moshoeshoe Day

Moshoeshoe I founded Lesotho and reigned as the first king of Lesotho. He is undoubtably Lesotho’s biggest national hero. He also had a GREAT name. It’s “Mo-shway-shway,” if you’re curious. Yes, that’s different from seshoeshoe, a traditional dress. Moshoeshoe established a village in Butha-Butha, one of Lesotho’s northern districts, where he lived with his Basotho followers … More Moshoeshoe Day


If you know me at all, you know I love dogs. I really love dogs. I love dogs in a possibly-more-than-I-love-humans way. I knew going into Peace Corps that I would be living in a place where attitudes and treatment towards dogs (and animals in general) would be wildly different than what I’m used to. … More Lintja