I’ve been taking photos of my family, friends, and neighbors as I get to know them, and I want to share some of those portraits here. For privacy’s sake, I won’t use names, although everyone pictured has given permission for me to share their photo. In fact, most participants were thrilled to have their photo … More Portraits


My official job description is “Primary English Teacher,” so it’s about time I wrote about teaching English! When I was applying to jobs and fellowships in Africa, I knew that I would likely be teaching English because of my experience at the UCLA Writing Center. I felt weird about this. On the one hand, it … More Sekhooa


It’s about time I introduce you to my school community! I am so lucky – I’ve been welcomed with such open arms by this lovely group. My fellow teachers have become my closest friends, and I go to them for teaching advice, Sesotho help, and when I need to take a break from working to joke around. I … More Litichere