It’s about time I introduce you to my school community! I am so lucky – I’ve been welcomed with such open arms by this lovely group. My fellow teachers have become my closest friends, and I go to them for teaching advice, Sesotho help, and when I need to take a break from working to joke around.

I always ask for permission before posting photos of someone on this blog, and some of the teachers were (fairly!) concerned about privacy. They consented to me sharing the pictures, but I’m not going to write their names.

This is my principal! She divides her time between teaching Grade 1 and working on administrative activities. She’s also my next-door neighbor.

This lovely lady teaches Grades 2 and 3, and Peace Corps has also assigned her to be my “Introductory Liaison,” and help me get settled at school and in the village. She rocks, as both a teacher and a human being. I eat lunch in her class every day, and sometimes that means I help teach her little kiddos for a few minutes.


Meet the Grade 4 teacher! She makes me laugh constantly. We speak Sesothoglish or Engotho together, or as she calls it, “mixed masala” language! She just had a baby girl this week, and I know because she texted me photos from the hospital.


In Grade 5, we have our first Ntate! He’s also married to the Grade 2/3 teacher, and they are the ultimate power couple. He loves music, and I frequently walk into the teachers’ room to find him playing the melodica (a tiny keyboard that you blow into).

Meet my Grade 6 co-teacher! We are quite the dynamic duo in class, and I don’t know what I would do without her teaching advice and Sesotho help. We’ve been working together on a remedial English group, and she has great ideas about phonics and literacy and other teacher-y stuff.

I think it’s pretty obvious that my Grade 7 co-teacher is a total goofball. On the left is his signature pose (seriously, I have dozens of photos like that). I’ve especially enjoyed teaching Life Skills with him, as he takes it seriously and helps make my lessons more culturally relevant.

And that’s the crew!


One thought on “Litichere

  1. Hello Jillian,
    Enjoyed reading your blog this morning. Collegiality is so important in our profession…as you are discovering! Keep learning and growing in your new role. Love, Barbara Raffa


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