I’ve been taking photos of my family, friends, and neighbors as I get to know them, and I want to share some of those portraits here.

For privacy’s sake, I won’t use names, although everyone pictured has given permission for me to share their photo. In fact, most participants were thrilled to have their photo taken and even more excited at the idea of Americans viewing them.

I want the photos to speak for themselves, but I also want to point out a few things. Everyone was photographed at their own home, and any clothing or objects they chose to include in the portrait was their decision. That’s why one woman is holding baskets she makes, and that’s why you see so many blankets and bucket hats – fashion favorites here! 








2 thoughts on “Portraits

  1. These are beautiful portrait! Love the shots you got! Such beauty in each photo ❤️ planning on joining the peace corps after I graduate college so your pictures and stories are truly enjoyable to come by!


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