Ho Bina

There’s a joke that Peace Corps Volunteers get very good at staring at walls. I manage to keep myself busy most of the time, but it’s true that life at site moves slowly, and sometimes the days all look the same. For that reason, having visitors is one of the most exciting events imaginable!  I … More Ho Bina

Mini Portraits

Recently I shared some of the portraits I’ve been taking around my village. I’ve also been collecting some “mini portraits” of 2nd and 3rd grade students at my school! I really love these photos, and I hope that by sharing them, I can share the wide variety of personalities that make my school such a fun … More Mini Portraits


Although I’m technically a volunteer for my 2 years with the Peace Corps, I do get paid a living stipend. My salary is supposed to pay for my food and living expenses, but it’s not supposed to make me rich. The goal is to pay volunteers enough to keep them alive, but not enough to … More Chelete


Like so many Americans, I’m saddened and disgusted by the current epidemic of rape on college campuses. As I’m writing this, my Facebook feed is drenched in outrage over the “Stanford Swimmer,” his lenient sentence, and the apologists who would rather focus on his “potential” than his heinous crime and its lifelong effect on his … More Consent

Funny Moments 2

It’s freezing in my village, it’s a drowning-in-work kind of Monday, and I want an excuse to remember the hilarious happenings of the last few weeks. So I present to you: my 2nd funny moments post!  Grade 7 wrote short journal entries about their week. My favorite line from one student compared me to the … More Funny Moments 2


Recently, 79 children from my school (about half the roster – only kids whose parents could afford it)¬†went on a field trip to Katse Dam. We piled into 5 taxis at 3 am (really) and blasted house music for the entire 5 hour drive. A dam might sound like a lame field trip destination, but … More Katse