Funny Moments 2

It’s freezing in my village, it’s a drowning-in-work kind of Monday, and I want an excuse to remember the hilarious happenings of the last few weeks. So I present to you: my 2nd funny moments post! 

Grade 7 wrote short journal entries about their week. My favorite line from one student compared me to the first king of Lesotho, who is credited with founding the nation: “My English teacher is Madam Lieketso. She loves peace like Moshoeshoe.” I’m honored.

I went on vacation in Swaziland, where I was careful to obey the laws: 

A group of PCVs went hiking with a visitor from home. The visitor made us stop and listen – “shh, do you hear that? Come on, you must be able to hear it!” This went on for a while. None of us knew what he was pointing out. Turns out, he was mesmerized by the sound of the bells around the necks of grazing sheep. Those of us who had been in Lesotho for months had completely tuned it out as a normal sound of everyday life.

My students form teams and choose names for review games before exams. The team names are always priceless: 


Mailing something at the small, rural post office in my district capital is always an adventure. This week, they were completely out of stamps. Another time, nobody working knew how to operate the scale so I couldn’t send my letter. Last week, this exact conversation took place:

Me: Do you have tape?

Post Office Lady: Yes.

Me: Can I use it for this envelope? 

Post Office Lady: No.

Me: Why? 

Post Office Lady: Only I can use it. 

Me: Okay, can you tape this envelope for me? 

Post Office Lady: No.


4 thoughts on “Funny Moments 2

  1. Ha! Love your post office story! I’ll echo Barbara’s comment above. Keep smiling and write it all down! The sign in the tree was great too. Glad you kept your catapult at home.


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