Just when I thought it was getting warmer, a giant snowstorm hit Lesotho. This post is for those of you who still have trouble believing that anywhere in Sub-Saharan Africa can look like Massachusetts in winter!  I was at a training in the lowlands during the storm. Down here, we got mostly rain (and power … More Lehloa


It’s officially winter (mariha, often shortened to sound like “Maria”) in Lesotho! The end of May and June were bitterly cold, and it even snowed in my village. It’s definitely (Basotho) blanket weather, and I’ve been wearing mine a lot! Lately it’s been milder, though ridiculously dry and dusty thanks to the ongoing drought in … More Mariha

Vacation x2

When I moved to my rural site, one of my goals was to make friendships in my village that made me feel socially fulfilled without having to go to town and spend time with other Peace Corps Volunteers. I didn’t want to live for those weekends of escape. I wanted my relationships at site to … More Vacation x2


I am so excited to introduce one of my favorite tiny humans to you. Meet Omphile: my five-year-old host brother and an absolute character! He’s the grandson of my ‘M’e, and she is raising him in my village because his mother is working in another district. When I first got to site in December, Omphile … More Omphile