Just when I thought it was getting warmer, a giant snowstorm hit Lesotho. This post is for those of you who still have trouble believing that anywhere in Sub-Saharan Africa can look like Massachusetts in winter! 

I was at a training in the lowlands during the storm. Down here, we got mostly rain (and power outages), but also a few flakes. 

Meanwhile, the photos I’ve received from my village tell quite a different story… 

I’m starting to understand why every time I tell someone in the lowlands where I’m living, they respond with “HOA BATA!” (It’s cold!). A friend even made a snowman in my camp town. I’m sad to be missing the opportunity to do the same with my students! 

I’ve heard that this is the biggest storm in over a decade (thanks, climate change!). Because snowstorms only hit a few times a year at most, Lesotho doesn’t have the infrastructure to deal with them well. The paved road from Maseru (the capital) to Thaba Tseka (my camp town) is still impassable several days later, and word is the plows have given up on clearing it. No taxis or cars are attempting to traverse the mountains, so all that’s left is to wait it out. Who knows how long that may take – I’m hoping I’ll be home for the start of term on Monday, but I might be missing class for a while, since there’s more snow expected throughout next week. 


One thought on “Lehloa

  1. Somehow it makes me happy that you are with a fellow PC with open roads and companionship right now. Being snowed in is never easy, and I can only imagine the cold and dark and solitude of a multi-week storm. Life in Africa – always an adventure! Thank goodness we can hear from you!


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