In the United States, it’s not common to hear “Africa” and “LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) rights” in the same sentence. When the two phrases are heard together, it’s usually because of egregious human rights violations that make international news – think Uganda’s heinous bill criminalizing same-sex sexual relationships several years back.  Obviously, Africa … More LGBT

Funny Moments 3

I’ve been laughing a lot lately. Here’s why: One afternoon, while walking home from school, I found about 40 men doing construction work on my road. Turns out they were moving a small portion of the (perfectly good) road 25 feet to the left. The project is done now, and I still don’t understand why it … More Funny Moments 3


HIV is a massive problem in Lesotho. Massive almost seems like an understatement – based on the latest data, a solid ΒΌ of people in Lesotho are HIV positive. This potentially makes Lesotho the highest rate in the world – it’s definitely in the top two. The virus affects all parts of life here, so … More HIV/AIDS