One benefit of working at a primary school every single day is that I get to see all kinds of work (and play!) that my students do, even outside of my class. I only teach English and Life Skills, but from time to time I pop into other subjects to see what’s happening.

Since the beginning of the school year in January, my Grade 7 learners have been working hard on final projects in their Arts & Entrepreneurship class. They got to choose from a variety of topics, ranging from handicrafts to architecture to transportation to music to cooking. The learners worked in small increments toward creating tangible products, and the process entailed months of detailed sketching and small model creation before they finally began work on their final items.

Last month, just before taking their final exams and finishing primary school, my students finished their projects! They finished the term by presenting their products to a board of teachers and fielding oral questions about their work. In the end, my entire school community was so proud of the learners’ creativity, resourcefulness, and hard work. The students were proud of themselves, too – they brought their projects to their community farewell feast to show them off to their parents!

So, without further ado, I present photographic evidence that my learners are the coolest. I will attempt to explain each project, but in the chaos of year-end, I didn’t have as much time as I hoped to learn about each and every student’s work.

Straw basket
Traditional leather skirt and painted jewelry
Straw broom for sweeping the house
Straw and plastic mats for sitting
Model of a house and latrine
Bicycle and rider
Wire car
Wire taxi
Road safety signs
Likhobe, a traditional dish made from peas and wheat
Musical instrument

3 thoughts on “Projects

  1. The pride your students demonstrate in their projects is palpable. I cannot wait to share this post with my students, for each is a unique example of the planning, creating, reworking and sharing that I want MY second graders to learn. Your Basotho students shine. I love that they’ll always have a piece of you in their hearts and in their brains.


  2. As a retired teacher, I really enjoyed seeing your students projects. They obviously worked very hard on them. I liked seeing the wide variety of creations.


  3. Hi Jillian-these projects remind me of when you were in sixth grade and we [your sixth grade teachers] taught you the Ancient Civilization unit.
    You chose your ancient country, wrote an extensive report on it, made a project or poster, and we all celebrated with our Ancient Civilization feast!!! Wish my memory was good enough to remember what your chosen civ. was and what project you produced and the food you brought to our feast.
    Congratulations on these great student projects!
    Project learning is always the best type of learning to hook students. Obviously, from today’s blog, you are well aware of that!
    Best wishes,
    Barbara Raffa xox


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