10 Districts

Lesotho is divided into 10 districts. As of this month, I have officially visited all of them!  There are so many ways to categorize the districts of Lesotho: highlands versus lowlands, north versus south, remote versus capital-adjacent. Above all else, my perceptions of each district are personal and shaped by my memories in each place. … More 10 Districts


Last week I had one of the most interesting and unique experiences since I came to Lesotho – I visited my friend who works at Letseng Diamond Mine!  Majake is my host brother from training, who I lived with during my first 3 months in-country. When I last saw him, he was interviewing for this … More Letseng

Funny Moments 4

Written while standing on the side of a mountain road, waiting for a hitch, I present my fourth post about absurdity in the life of a Lesotho PCV!  Grade 3 had a graduation party to celebrate their transition to Grade 4. We sang, danced, and ate snacks. It was so exciting that two different children … More Funny Moments 4