Funny Moments 4

Written while standing on the side of a mountain road, waiting for a hitch, I present my fourth post about absurdity in the life of a Lesotho PCV! 

Grade 3 had a graduation party to celebrate their transition to Grade 4. We sang, danced, and ate snacks. It was so exciting that two different children peed their pants! Seriously! 

One of my closest friends in my community has a (truly adorable) baby girl named Karabo. The first time I met Karabo, she was only 7 days old. Now I visit her every week, and it’s been such a joy to watch her grow! One time, I arrived at the house and Karabo’s mom wasn’t around. When she got back, she explained that she had been disposing of the baby’s diapers. I assumed she burned them, like we do with most garbage in Lesotho, but later in the conversation it became clear that this was not the case. Instead, she fills a giant garbage bag with diapers, and every few weeks, she hikes up a mountain and throws the bag behind some rocks. Is the Mountain Kingdom covered with hidden bags of baby poop? I guess so! 

Baby Karabo

I recently had shingles (would not recommend this). My village friend came to visit when she heard that I was sick. She kept repeating over and over again, “I’m so sorry that you’re sick. I am truly bored. I’m just so sorry that I am bored.” I don’t think that means what you think it means…

In the middle of a school day, a few of my former students arrived at school holding giant fish that they had caught in the river. Classes stopped completely as the teachers haggled over priced and then enlisted students to help them clean and season the fish they had bought. This culminated in a few of my boys climbing onto the school roof to allow the fish to dry. It was the week before final exams, but who needs studying when you have fish shenanigans! 

Fish salesmen

When you walk into a taxi rank, taxi conductors immediately swarm you, yelling location names and trying to get you into their vehicle. I usually just ignore them, especially if I already know where I’m going. Recently, a conductor caught on that I was headed to his taxi, so he walked next to me, fist pumping and yelling “YES YES YES YES!” all the way to the car. It was quite the welcome. 


3 thoughts on “Funny Moments 4

  1. Keep those golden nuggets coming, so funny. I especially loved the fishy tale! I can only imagine how difficult having shingles was for you. It’s pretty bad in itself but even worse so far away from Click! Glad you’re better and getting some R and R. Sani Pass pic is awesome x


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