Ke Thabile

It’s the fourth week of a new school year, and I’m overwhelmed. I walked into the first day feeling like a different person than last year – I’m confident, I feel like I belong, and I know what I want to get done. In our first teacher meeting, I presented a year’s worth of ideas to get started on. These were projects we’d talked about last year that I wanted to make sure we finished before I leave in November/December. My colleagues listened to what I had to say, and replied, “yep, sure, let’s just do it all this month.”

Needless to say, we are not doing 9 months of work before the end of February. But we are kicking the year off in high gear. Before March 1, we will (hopefully!) have run 2 Grassroot Soccer camps, filed the extensive paperwork to sponsor 6 learners in high school, installed tip taps, set the date for an HIV workshop for our women’s group, improved our classroom libraries, and, oh yeah, taught all of our lessons. Whew. 
Like I said, I’m overwhelmed. It’s a lot at once. But it’s all good stuff, and I am just so glad to be working again. I may be a little stretched thin, but more than ever, ke thabile (I’m happy). There is just so much to be happy about these days.

Lesotho has had so much rain. It’s green and absolutely gorgeous. 

Because of that rain, fruits and vegetables are bigger and more plentiful than last year. So far, friends have stopped by to give me apples, peaches, apricots, spinach, and peas! 

Photo by my talented friend Alicia!

My new house finally feels like home. 

Old friends and new tuku (headscarf) styles. 

The world’s cutest baby is back, and I get to hang out with her every week again.

More hikes with my best friend.

These kiddos.

Celebrating the 16 month point with my dysfunctional Peace Corps cohort/family! 


3 thoughts on “Ke Thabile

  1. Hi Jillian,
    You are now a bona fide teacher! That feeling of being overwhelmed is a common trait of all teachers. You are making headway and that’s all that matters…and you look so happy in the photos! Wish I could hug you!
    Sending you Happy Valentine’s Day love!
    Barbara Raffa xoxox


  2. So nice to see a green Lesotho! What your doing is absolutely amazing! Your village is so lucky to have you. Your best friend reminds me of how Odin looked.
    Enjoy those fruits and vegetables 🍎.
    Love & Miss You!
    Auntie Di


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