Funny Moments 5

Cyclone (Hurricane) Dineo just passed through this part of the world, leaving me with lots of rain, mud, and a dead phone for several days. I managed to write a few blog posts by hand in the meantime, which I’ll be posting soon! Before that happens… I have a 5th installment of things that made me laugh. These moments are all taken from the 4 days I recently spent staying with my friend’s in-laws at a nearby village.

  • The reason I was at the other village was to run a Grassroot Soccer camp. We held the camp at another primary school. It’s always fun to see the visual aids in classrooms around the country… like this one:

  • My friend and I have started calling her husband “monna oa rona” (our husband), which is surely the sign of a healthy friendship between the three of us.
  • That same friend ditched her husband to share a bed with me for those 4 days so we could stay up talking. Her husband slept alone in a different building altogether.
  • My friend heard me mumbling in my sleep, so she prayed over me in the middle of the night just in case I had been bewitched or possessed.
  • I don’t think she really had to worry about the interference of witches or the devil, because we were sleeping directly under this shrine:

  • I tried horse meat for the first time, leading to this conversation:

Me: This is actually delicious! Why don’t we eat it in America?

Friend: Um, obviously because you don’t have horses in America…
Me: Yes we do.

Friend: Shut up and stop lying to me.

In all seriousness, it was a lovely visit and a great camp. We graduated 53 learners from 3 schools… and we’re doing it all again this weekend, with new schools! 


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