I’m fast approaching my 1.5 year mark here in Lesotho, and lately it feels like I’m fitting into my community in new ways. This doesn’t mean I’m not still confused or out of place every damn day… because I am. But even little things feel good, and I want to celebrate them! 

Here are some of my recent integration wins:

  • My go-to exclamations are now, “ayyyy kona” and, “helang batho!” and I respond to new information with a long, drawn out, “ooooOooOoooOoooOoo.”
  • I recently stayed at a friend’s house for 4 days and ate the same few Basotho dishes 3 times a day. When I got home, I missed it. I’ll say that again. I missed eating papa (?!).
  • I can now hear the taxi coming from (quite literally) a mile away. I guess Basotho super-hearing is contagious!
  • I use an umbrella on sunny days.
  • I wear a tuku (headscarf) to school at least once a week. My friends have taught me a few different ways to tie it. 

  • I sing Sesotho hymns absent-mindedly under my breath when I cook or clean. I know the words to so. many. hymns.
  • I’ve stopped being surprised when I run into people I know, or people who know people I know, all over Lesotho.

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