Funny Moments 6

If you’re feeling this way on Monday…

… I have some stories from Lesotho to make you laugh. 

When I eat lunch with my coworkers, I spend a lot of time zoned out while they chatter in Sesotho that’s too fast for me to follow. Recently I was in my own little world during one of these meals, when in the middle of the Sesotho, I heard an English phrase: “these breasts, like Dolly Parton!” I couldn’t believe my coworkers knew enough about Dolly Parton to name drop her, and they immediately started singing her songs to prove to me that I never should have doubted it. 

My friend has been coming over a lot of evenings for tea, and one night we were comparing superstitions in Lesotho and the US. I explained the idea that stepping on a crack “breaks your mother’s back,” we figured out that both of our cultures consider black cats unlucky, and then she dropped this bombshell: “Basotho children think that if you fart in front of a white person, they will give you money.” Great. 

I recently hitched a ride in a truck so huge, I had to climb four steps to get into it. The burly driver chatted away for the whole ride, mostly about how he refuses to drink beer and only likes wine. Classy? 

My dog has the most absurd double chin in Lesotho. 

Some kids at my school recently got in trouble for throwing stones at a grandmother and yelling insults at her (not cool). When they were caught, they argued that they shouldn’t get in trouble because the names they yelled at the old woman were in English, not Sesotho, so they were really just practicing their second language. 

My friend’s school has this dark visual aid about the “disadvantages of tourists:”


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