Every May, primary school learners across Lesotho compete in sports tournaments. My kids have been practicing after school for weeks! The boys play football and the girls play netball (although this year, our school held mixed-gender practices so every learner could try both sports). Finally, we had a sports competition with the 4 schools closest … More Netball

Lehloa hape!

This month, my site got some snow! It was beautiful, and I was especially happy because during last year’s biggest storm, I was actually trapped in the lowlands. Finally I got to see my little village┬ácompletely covered in white! I was also freezing, but that’s why I’m going on a beach vacation next week. Here … More Lehloa hape!


I’m currently wrapping up a big training that I co-led with some other PCVs. More on that later. In the meantime… enjoy some photos of the last few wonderful months!  Thaba Tseka town remains gorgeous! These flowers are actually weeds, and they’re not good for crops, but they’re also beautiful. I fit in some time … More Lipics

Ikhaheng Basali

“Ikhaheng Basali,” the name of the community women’s group that I work with, translates to “wives building themselves up” or “women strengthening themselves.” Lately, that strengthening has been literal – we’re talking about food! Long time readers (hi Mom) might remember that this women’s group was born after a workshop last year, where my counterpart … More Ikhaheng Basali