I’m currently wrapping up a big training that I co-led with some other PCVs. More on that later. In the meantime… enjoy some photos of the last few wonderful months! 

Thaba Tseka town remains gorgeous! These flowers are actually weeds, and they’re not good for crops, but they’re also beautiful.

I fit in some time with my best bud Tlotla. He likes cars, fat cakes, and pretending his cup of water is beer (seriously).

A visitor from the US is a good excuse to cross things off the Lesotho bucket list! Lily and I repelled (here it’s called abseiling) down Maletsunyane Falls. In other words, we bounced down 670 ft. of sheer cliff face with only a single rope to keep us alive! 

I learned about (and spooned) some incredible big cats at the Cheetah Experience in South Africa.

I maintained my ability to hold all the puppies in a litter at one time. 

I kept finding new places to hike at my site.

The school year is plugging along, and I’m still teaching English and Life Skills. We’ve been getting to some fun sex ed topics in Life Skills, like this lesson – “Am I Ready for Sex?” Next up is consent and safe sex!

My addiction to local fabric is worsening. I found an incredible tailor and I have been back to see her too many times. At least I have cool clothes to bring back with me! 


One thought on “Lipics

  1. You look so happy, Jillian!! Enjoyed all of the photos. Keep enjoying your life!
    Barbara Raffa xx


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