Every May, primary school learners across Lesotho compete in sports tournaments. My kids have been practicing after school for weeks! The boys play football and the girls play netball (although this year, our school held mixed-gender practices so every learner could try both sports). Finally, we had a sports competition with the 4 schools closest to ours. I spent most of the day watching and photographing the girls – their netball skills blew me away!

For anyone reading this from the U.S., where netball isn’t popular, here’s the basics: the goal is to get the ball through a basketball-like net (although at our school, there’s just a wire hoop, no actual net!). You can’t run with the ball, so passing is key. My school’s girls won their games, which means that they’ll advance to the district level competition. These ladies are such wonderful athletes, and everyone in my village was proud of their hard work!

After the games, I took portraits of some of the girls (and coaches!). Like always, they loved it and whipped out their best Sports Illustrated poses.





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