Funny Moments 7

I haven’t shared funny moments in quite a while, so I’ve got a long list for today!

First up, this is my favorite graffiti in Thaba Tseka town, which sums up how I feel about this year:

This winter, quite a few mice have moved into my house. For a while, every time I saw a mouse, I just borrowed a neighbor’s cat, because pets are things you can borrow here. Finally, I got my own cat and tried to carry him like any good Mosotho mother carries their child:

I received my first bush note (message transmitted between villages by taxi drivers) and it was… sort of a success?! My friend tried to send me paperwork I needed for my grant. In one day, it made it to the village next to mine, but instead of giving it to me… the only white person in a 2 hour radius and thus difficult to mistake for someone else… my taxi driver gave it to a family I don’t even know. They walked an hour the following morning to complete the exchange. 

At my friend’s camp, a taxi hired to help us got stopped by the police. It was filled with mattresses, which is apparently against the rules, since “taxis are for people.” This was our backup mattress transport:

“Are a woman’s eggs like a chicken’s eggs?” This question in my anonymous Life Skills question box led to a lively brainstorming session regarding the differences between women and chickens.

The winning team in a recent Life Skills condom relay race won “condomize!” temporary tattoos. This photo shows the girls. Meanwhile, the boys stuck them front and center on their foreheads:

I opened my front door recently to witness my host nephew and my dog having a bonding moment:

They are both sleeping:

Some unique goal-setting from a friend’s youth camp:

My learners choose the best team names when we play review games. This time around we had: Chips, Snacks, Vinegar, and Judas.

The most Peace Corps thing I’ve ever done: hike 10 miles. Arrive at a party. Bucket bathe inside while party happens outside. Join party. Ask for host’s pots so I can heat up and eat my dinner… chili that I hiked 10 miles with. 

Everyone knows the best juice flavor is apple and/or grape and/or pear, orange, and other fruit:

In Sesotho, you add “ng” to the end of a word to indicate that it is a place or destination. My friend’s taxi stop is dank (water tank) + ng (place). Dankeng. Place of dank.


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