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I receive mail in Thaba Tseka camp town, the capital of my district. I have a P.O. box that I share with other volunteers living in TT. My address there is:

Jillian Tsacoyeanes, Peace Corps Volunteer

PO Box 213

Thaba Tseka 550


Letters and packages arrive pretty reliably in Lesotho (although occasionally, things do get lost). So far it’s taken anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months for things to reach me!

Other mailing tips include: double-bag food, be vague on customs forms (“educational materials,” etc.) to avoid indicating there’s anything tempting inside, and write Bible verses on the package to prevent theft.

If you are going to mail me something, here are some things that would make me VERY HAPPY:

  • Letters telling me about your day
  • Pictures of us to hang in my house and show my friends
  • Candy, stickers, coloring books, and pens for the kids
  • Anything to read or pass the time! Books, magazines, USBs loaded up with podcasts… I have a lot of free time.
  • Dog treats or toys for Mo (even dogs get tired of papa!)
  • Hand sanitizer and wet wipes (the dust here is out of control)
  • Scented candles or other little things to brighten up my space
  • Snacks. Any snacks.
  • Spice packets/seasonings or any kind of hot sauce
  • Fun kinds of tea (they sell just the basics here and I drink a lot of tea)
  • Ground coffee or Starbucks instant packs (PLEASE! They sell “coffee” here, but believe me, it’s not coffee)

I would LOVE to hear from you – family, friends, and strangers alike. If you take the time to send me a note, I promise I’ll write back.

You can also email me:

Or text me using WhatsApp (I’m super active on here, so this is the best way to reach me quickly):

+266 5356 7554

If you’re feeling really generous, I have an [Amazon wish list] full of Kindle ebooks that I’ve been wanting to read. You can choose a book and “gift” it to me, and then I’ll be able to download it when I have wifi. Book recommendations also accepted!


3 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. I have just gone through the piece on LGBTI and I like it. I think it is a good reflection, thank you so much for sharing the work that we do and perception of Basotho.


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