Earlier this winter, I visited some of my friends at the National University of Lesotho (NUL). These dedicated ladies are doing “distance learning” to get their Bachelors in Education. This means that during the school year, they are full time teachers at our rural primary school. During school holidays (winter break, summer break, and even … More University

Funny Moments 7

I haven’t shared funny moments in quite a while, so I’ve got a long list for today! First up, this is my favorite graffiti in Thaba Tseka town, which sums up how I feel about this year: This winter, quite a few mice have moved into my house. For a while, every time I saw … More Funny Moments 7


One of the most common ways that Lesotho PCVs get around the country is by (sorry, Mom) hitchhiking. Hitches are generally cheaper, faster, and more comfortable than public taxis. While Peace Corps staff doesn’t explicitly condone hitching, they understand why we do it, and it isn’t forbidden either.  Everyone creates their own personal rules for … More Hitching


Last weekend, I was lucky enough to attend MOYOLO (Metolong Youth Optimizing Leadership Opportunities) Camp! This was my friend Katie’s project, which she has been working through ups and downs to make a reality for months. It was incredible to participate in such a successful event hosted by a fellow PCV! MOYOLO was done in partnership with … More MOYOLO


Every May, primary school learners across Lesotho compete in sports tournaments. My kids have been practicing after school for weeks! The boys play football and the girls play netball (although this year, our school held mixed-gender practices so every learner could try both sports). Finally, we had a sports competition with the 4 schools closest … More Netball

Lehloa hape!

This month, my site got some snow! It was beautiful, and I was especially happy because during last year’s biggest storm, I was actually trapped in the lowlands. Finally I got to see my little village completely covered in white! I was also freezing, but that’s why I’m going on a beach vacation next week. Here … More Lehloa hape!