I’m currently wrapping up a big training that I co-led with some other PCVs. More on that later. In the meantime… enjoy some photos of the last few wonderful months!  Thaba Tseka town remains gorgeous! These flowers are actually weeds, and they’re not good for crops, but they’re also beautiful. I fit in some time … More Lipics

Ikhaheng Basali

“Ikhaheng Basali,” the name of the community women’s group that I work with, translates to “wives building themselves up” or “women strengthening themselves.” Lately, that strengthening has been literal – we’re talking about food! Long time readers (hi Mom) might remember that this women’s group was born after a workshop last year, where my counterpart … More Ikhaheng Basali


Peace Corps visited my site last month (they come 3 times in everyone’s service to check in). While they were here, they asked my principal why the area I live in, which includes my village and several others, is called Litsoetse. I could swear I’ve asked this question before, but I guess not, because the … More Litsoetse


A few weeks back, everyone in my village was sitting outside, ears glued to their radios, listening to updates about the political situation in Lesotho. The Parliament had just reconvened, and they were in the process of taking a “vote of no confidence” against Prime Minister Mosisili of the DC (Democratic Congress) party.  The vote … More Election

Funny Moments 6

If you’re feeling this way on Monday… … I have some stories from Lesotho to make you laugh.  When I eat lunch with my coworkers, I spend a lot of time zoned out while they chatter in Sesotho that’s too fast for me to follow. Recently I was in my own little world during one … More Funny Moments 6


It’s autumn (hoetla), a new school year is underway, and lots is going on in Lesotho! I’m in a good mood thanks to peaches and perfect weather. Here’s an update on what’s been happening in my village lately: Moshoeshoe Day March 11 commemorates Moshoeshoe, the founder of the Basotho nation. Every year, primary schools around … More Hoetla


I’m fast approaching my 1.5 year mark here in Lesotho, and lately it feels like I’m fitting into my community in new ways. This doesn’t mean I’m not still confused or out of place every damn day… because I am. But even little things feel good, and I want to celebrate them!  Here are some … More Integration